Bosch Diagnostic Equipments

Bosch diagnostic technology at automobile service with a wide range of diagnostic units - practical and easy to use in your workshop.

A few exemples of diagnostic units that we sell:

- Emissions Analysis - BEA Line
- Air Conditioning Service - ACS Line
- Battery Chargers - BAT, BML, LW, BSL, SL and W Lines
- System Power Verification - Line FSA
- Diagnostic Command Units - Line KTS


The complete program for diagnostic, technical information, workshop maintenance and service.

Modular system that allows the workshop choose the contract specifications in accordance with their needs. Perfect complement to diagnostic equipment from Bosch: KTS and FSA.

Denso Diagnostic Equipments

The latest technology - PC based Diagnostic System Tester that communicates with several vehicles ECU.

- Resolution of coded problems
- Data recording
- Extensive monitoring data and testing assets simultaneously
- Projects management
- Calibration / injector compensation
- Memory reprogramming of control unit
- Correction of the injection determination
- MAF Correction
- Replacement / compensation of fuel pump values

Delphi Diagnostic Equipments

Meet here a few exemples of Delphi diagnostic units that we commercialize.

The DS100E is a compact diagnostic tool led by PC laptop. This tool covers all main important electronic systems in vehicles, including fuel management.

Important diagnostic tool of Delphi Diesel Aftermarket, covering every application of Delphi common-rail.